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Kala shelter is made up of “Sandwich Insulated Panels” and is robustly designed to suit the customer requirements.

Shelter Panels

The panels are of 80 mm thickness with PU foam as a filler material between galvanized pre coated steel sheets. The sheets on inner side of shelter have thickness of 0.8 mm and outer sheet have thickness of 0.6 mm. The colour is off white on both sides

Floor and Roof

The floor consists of standard PUF Sandwich Panels with 19 mm Marine Plywood covered with antistatic PVC flooring. Antistatic flooring is done by using anti-static vinyl robust rolls of at least 2 mm thickness. Floor load capacity: 2500 Kg / Sq. m. Roof is made of the panels same as used for walls. A secondary slanting roof of suitable material is provided to protect the primary roof from direct sunlight and rain-water. Slope of 1:80 is provided to the secondary roof which is protruding 150 mm on all sides.Roof load capacity: 250 Kg / Sq. m


The jointing of panels is done with the use of eccentric cam locks. All panel joints are sealed with silicone sealant for water proofing.


The shelter has provision for opening for air conditioner. Cable entry ports in the wall / Floor panel for AC power supply cabling, DG cable and earthing.

Temperature Range

Internal Temperature range: 25 + / - 2 degree C.
Heat Transmission coefficient : 0.3


Shelter has one door for main entrance. The door dimensions are approximately 1000 mm width X 2000 mm height. Main door opening outwards is provided with external, internal handles / knobs respectively. Followings are the standard accessories with the door.

Locking mechanism
Hydraulic door closer
Door latch to keep the door in open position
Canopy over external light / door

Structural Stability

Resistant to various volumes of rains, dust and sand impinging from various directions over duration and different speeds.

Resistant to corrosion against water and Industrial air.
Out door installation.
Resistant to decomposing vegetation, rodents, termites and micro organisms.
Survival wind speed 180 Km / hr.

AMF Controller

The AMF controller will switch and stop the Diesel powered Gensets during mains failures, which are used for standby or auxiliary power generation. It is configurable and suitable for single or three phases Gensets. If any abnormal operation is detected, the unit generates alarms and shutdown Gensets.

SMPS Rectifier Supply

SMPS rectifier supply will be directly given to AC distribution from the out put of AMF contractor through AC Distribution MCB’s.

AC Distribution

We are providing 8 Nos. MCB’s for AC Distribution.

Static Voltage Regulator

A two phase to single phase static voltage regulator with Isolation transformation is provided before AMF contractor for following application. The input voltage of the static voltage regulator is 300 to 480 V and the output is 220+/-10%.

Air-Conditioner – 2 Nos
Tube light (Inside shelter ) – 2 Nos
Street light (Out side shelter) – 1 Nos
Aviation light – 1 No
Battery Charger – 1 No
Spare MCB – 1 No

Alarm sending Unit

Alarm unit is installed in the PIU and following alarms will be sensed and will provide the potential free contact for remote alarm extension.

Smoke sensor – 1 No
Fire Sensor – 1 No
Door Intruder
Room Temperature High And Low
Aviation Light

Thermal Management System

Thermal management system is provided for starting the DG in the absence of Mains. During mains failure DG can be started by monitoring the battery voltage and room Temperature is 350 C. Both are used settable at site as per the requirement

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