Onion Storage Structures

Kala Biotech has successfully developed a Controlled Atmosphere Onion Storage Structure in Technical collaboration with ICAR-DOGR with losses of Less than 15% while maintaining the shelf life for 8 months. A prime requirement of any Storage Facility is grading, sorting, loading, unloading, and complete material handling system, which is aptly addressed here.

Kala has got its own Kkloud™ – A IOT based system with Innovative features like Remote monitoring, Controlling, and Data Analytic system, System health updates on refrigeration and electrical parameters, Live reports on available stocks, and market rates.

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Benifits of The Controlled Atmosphere Onion Storage Facility

Onion Storage with temperature from RH 50-95%

Drying Chamber with temperature above 40°C plus.

Ripening Chamber as additional facility

Drying Chamber with temperature above 40°C plus.

Possibility for artificial curing and storage for reducing sprouting loss during Kharif season.