Automation & System Integretion ( Control Panel )

KALA is a CPRI Approved well-accomplished manufacturing company with enviable expertise and experience of product engineering of electrical and instrumental control systems. Since its inception, KALA has been instrumental in pioneering control system technology in India and Overseas.

We have successfully implemented many projects and are capable of serving multiple markets such as machine control, building control, and process control by executing flexible and innovated manufacturing procedures.

  • MCC
  • PCC
  • GRID
  • PLC
  • LT/HT

MCC Panel Manufacturers

Catering to multiple markets, KALA has become the leading manufacturer and supplier of control panels including Standard Panels, AMF Panels, Synchronization Panel, LT/HT Panel, PCC Panel, MCC Panels, APC Panel, PLC Panels, and MIMIC Panels. Our PCC/MCC Panel designs are robust and rigidly constructed to withstand a wide range of industrial demands.
We have successfully implemented many projects and are capable of serving multiple markets such as machine control, building control, and process control by executing flexible and innovated manufacturing procedures.

KALA pays great attention to the standard of workmanship to encompass each client’s customized requirements. Our world-class MCC panels are used in various industrial sectors to supply a precise amount of power to each section under assured system protection. Our MCC panels are well-equipped with:

  • AC variable frequency drives
  • Supports interlink with PLC
  • Feeder circuit breaker
  • Multiple power stabs to support high power industrial motor

PCC Panels Manufacturers

Since its inception, KALA GENSET has been among the country’s leading Panel manufacturers. We take great pride in our command on technology and its implementation for continual improvement of the world-class control panels.

Our PCC panels are engineered to monitor and control machines. The panels are firm and resilient in construction with high performance. These PCC panels are procured and contrived using advance quality raw material. The control panels are also custom built with overload protection feature for ultimate safety in case of overload.
KALA GENSET design, fabricate, and manufacture as per client’s specified requirements, one reason why we are recognized as the country’s leading control panel manufacturers offering quality services at competitive market prices.
Salient features

  • PCC with single, multiple incomers, and bus couplers with proper interlocking
  • Fabricated protection, fault indications, and interlock facility
  • Powder coated sheet steel enclosures
  • DG incomer with AMF functions, cut-off Non-essential feeders in case of mains power failure
  • Panel with provision to connect bus duct at main incomer side
  • Bus bars mounted on DMC/SMC Insulators
  • Up to IP-65 protection class
  • State of the art cable termination

Power Grid Solutions

KALA is an established and reputed industrial entity that is at the forefront of power technologies aiming to develop and manufacture, smarter, stronger, efficient and greener power grids.

Our power grid solutions offer software, system, product, and service solutions in the power value chain, which is designed to meet the growing demand for clean electricity with a low impact on the environment.

Our solutions find applications in various industries and assist industrial players in planning, developing, and maintaining their power systems efficiently. Our Grids are specially designed and manufactured to simplify reliable, safe, and efficient transmission and distribution of energy that is generated from traditional and renewable resources.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Program logic controllers by KALA are customizable and scalable industrial controllers that offer reliable and enhanced performances in control applications.

Our logic controllers are of the highest industrial standards and are widely used in a range of industrial sectors including, oil and gas, power, food and beverages, cement, steel, and many more.
We have been instrumental in developing the latest technology driven products to suffice power requirements of every individual customer from different market segments. We provide reliable & high quality products at competitive cost.
Control solutions by KALA are integrated with advanced and innovative technologies. Further, we manufacture a range of controllers in different sizes that comply with the requirements of our clients.
Our range of programmable logic controllers include :

  • Large control systems
  • Small control systems
  • Micro & nano control systems

MIMIC Panels Manufacturers in India

Our MIMIC panels efficiently display the power flow and also the pictorial illustration of the entire control process . Our MIMIC panels are of the highest quality and made from raw materials of the highest grade .

MIMIC panels manufactured by KALA find applications in multiple industrial sectors. Our rich and diverse experience in manufacturing high-end electrical components have gradually established us as one of the best manufacturers of MIMIC control panels in the country.
KALA has a strong presence in both the domestic as well as the international market. Our team is committed to offering our clients the most reliable and highly efficient MIMIC panels at competitive rates.
Notable features of our MIMIC panels :

  • Optimum performance – our are developed to suit the requirements of our clients
  • Affordable rates
  • Reliable and efficient

Distribution Boards Supplier

The current industrial trends hint towards the development of smart systems and products that are versatile and communication-capable.

The requirement standards are getting high, and at the same time, business operations and cycles in the manufacturing industry are getting faster. KALA offers value-added solutions for different processes with our smart and varied range of distribution systems.

The cornerstone of efficient and smart building management is a reliable source of power around distribution systems that have low-voltage. At KALA, we are aware of the increasing complexity of power distribution system designs. However, our expertise and experience in manufacturing distribution boards, innovative parts, and required software tools result in a perfect solution for safe and efficient distribution of power.

LT/HT Panel Manufacturers in India

KALA GENSET is one of the leading Panel manufacturers to offer state of the art control panel products to suit varied client’s requirements.

Our HT/LT panels are widely acclaimed by various industries, utilities, and government bodies.
We design products as per our client’s requirements and make sure the products meet safety and quality parameters. Our manufacturing units are well-equipped with the latest advancements in technology to ensure a faster and efficient rate of production.
KALA GENSET is engaged in manufacturing a wide range of quality control panels to meet customer’s customized needs. Our advanced infrastructure facility and dedicated workforce are ready to deliver products and services that attain the client’s satisfaction.
Some of the salient features of HT/LT panels are :

  • Superior performance
  • Highly efficient
  • Excellent Voltage regulation
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Impressive over-load capacity