A Joyful Janmashtami Celebration with the Kala Group

September 7, 2023by kala

Date: September 6, 2023

Janmashtami, the celebration of Lord Krishna’s birth, is a time for devotion, joy, and unity. This year, the Kala Group decided to make the occasion extra special by coming together as a team to celebrate this auspicious day. They embraced the spirit of Janmashtami with open hearts and creativity, culminating in a memorable celebration.

Morning Pooja and Prayers

The day began with a serene morning pooja at the Kala Group’s office. An altar was adorned with flowers, incense, and a small idol of Lord Krishna, creating a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere. The team members gathered around the altar, offering prayers and seeking the blessings of Lord Krishna for success and prosperity.

Decorating the Workspace

After the morning prayers, the Kala Group team embarked on a creative endeavor – designing a vibrant and intricate rangoli in the office. The rangoli was a masterpiece, featuring peacocks, flutes, and lotus flowers, all symbolic of Lord Krishna. The colorful design added a festive touch to the workspace, spreading cheer and positivity.

Delicious Janmashtami Feast

No celebration is complete without delicious food, and Janmashtami is no exception. The Kala Group organized a grand feast with an array of traditional dishes. The menu included mouthwatering items like makhan mishri, chappan bhog, and assorted sweets. Everyone relished these delectable treats while sharing stories and laughter.

Cultural Performances

In the afternoon, the Kala Group team showcased their talents with cultural performances. Some team members performed traditional folk dances, while others recited soulful bhajans dedicated to Lord Krishna. The performances were heartfelt and resonated with the essence of the festival.

Dahi Handi – A Fun Tradition

The highlight of the day was the Dahi Handi competition. It’s a tradition where a clay pot filled with butter or yogurt is suspended high in the air, and teams compete to break it. The Kala Group members formed teams and enthusiastically participated in this fun and competitive event, channeling their inner Krishna.


As the sun set and the day came to a close, the Kala Group members felt a deep sense of fulfillment and togetherness. Their Janmashtami celebration had been a resounding success, fostering stronger bonds within the team and bringing them closer to the cultural heritage of India.

In celebrating Janmashtami as a team, the Kala Group not only honored a cherished tradition but also created lasting memories. This joyful celebration was a testament to the power of unity and the importance of coming together to celebrate life’s special moments.

May the blessings of Lord Krishna continue to guide and inspire the Kala Group on their journey towards success and creativity.